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It’s a sellers market

How the tides have turned in the property market.

Historically we had come to expect that the ’buyer was king’ but with local and regional prices bouncing back to pre-2007 levels instead we are finding that it is in fact the seller who is back in charge!

A shortage of good quality housing stock coming onto the market has led to prices being pushed upwards with premiums even being added for ‘scarcity value’, this effect simply results in an anticipated higher than last month marketing pricing strategy especially on some unique homes due to the lack of competition. However, already this year our success rate has increased by 15% compared with the same period last year with high demand continuing some determined buyers selling their existing home are choosing to sell and even rent in the short term to ensure they are best placed when the right property comes along.

For Q1 of 2017 our Offices have experienced near 100% success rate arranging sales after marketing property of all types and price which further confirms that Warrington, St.Helens and Ashton remains popular, affordable and desirable, in addition we are seeing the typical seasonal influx of buyers planning for the coming summer period and in many cases a priority will be finding a suitable home in readiness for the new school year.

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