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Buyer’s Guide

Where to Start & How to Finish

Where to start and how to finish

Buying a home is an exciting time but it can be daunting, it can also be hard to know where to start so we have created this guide to take you through the process from your initial research to moving in... Have fun!


What is the budget?

Before getting serious with your search, it's a good idea to work out how much you can afford to borrow. At Ashtons, we look at your net monthly income, your outgoings and what disposable income you have.


Be ready to offer

When you have found your ideal home, it's important to get your mortgage arranged as quickly as possible. When you apply for a mortgage through Ashtons, we will ensure that things move as smoothly as possible.


Get in touch with a local Mortgage Expert today.


What is the budget?

Now you know what you can afford, you can begin your search! How many reception rooms? How many bedrooms? Car parking or a garden? School nearby? New home or an old? Town or rural?


Register with your local office for property updates.


Choose a solicitor

Your solicitor carries out the conveyancing which is the legal process of handing over a property from one person to another. They also have a duty to protect your interests so they will investigate the legal aspects of the property such as its boundaries and exactly what is included in the sale. Most solicitors will charge a fixed fee and it is usually a percentage of the agreed sale price.


Make an offer

Remember that the price the seller is asking for is not necessarily the price they will finally accept. Your first offers can be lower than the asking price. Although, if there has been a lot of interest in the property it could be wise to make an offer close to the asking price. Once your offer is accepted, it will be confirmed in writing. But do remember, the property is not officially yours until legally binding contracts are exchanged.


Get a survey

A survey will give you a good idea of the property's condition and value. There are different types of survey, from a simple valuation indicating how much the property is worth, to a full structural survey. If problems do come to light, you are within your rights to try to re-negotiate or withdraw.


Exchanging contracts

As long as there were no problems with the survey, the solicitors from both sides will draw up formal contracts for you and the seller to sign. These are legally binding so make sure that you are full steam ahead.


Moving day!

The day has finally arrived! It's a good idea to book a removal firm to help you. You should contact the utilities companies, redirect your post and notify the authorities.. oh, don't forget to collect your keys!


Visit our friends at proppy.co.uk to obtain a moving quote.


Relax in your new home!

Enjoy your new home!


Free Valuation

Our team of specialists will advise you on the real value of your property. Click here.

Hear about

new homes first.

We match buyers with their perfect home - typically 24 hours before they appear on the property portals. During these strange times, we feel it’s best to be able to view a home online before you view in person. Which is why hot buyers are notified first. If your not hot, don’t worry we can help you with that.

Who’s Hot? And Who’s Not?

Put simply, buyers who are ready to buy. So, if you have sold your home, cash buyer with nothing to sell or first time buyer with your finances in place your hot to trot!

Why Register With Us?

We sell 1 in every 4 homes across our effective area, so there is a good chance we will have your dream home coming on the market soon. Also, we typically alert our database of new homes up to 24 hours before they go online.

Sell Your Home or Get a Mortgage Straight Away!

It’s super important in a competitive market to get yourself in the best position possible. Whether that’s selling your current home or getting your finances in place. Luckily, we can help you with both.