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How to Sell your Home Faster

How to Sell your Home Faster

Selling property can feel like a daunting task, especially when there are other factors at play requiring a house sale to take place as quickly as possible. However, with some careful planning and simple preparation steps, the process can be simplified.

Considerations to review in advance of listing a property for sale

The best time of year to sell property

If there is an opportunity to consider when to list a property for sale, the time of year may impact the speed of the property sale.

There are seasonal fluctuations of demand depending on the type of property that is to be sold, as follows:

  • Spring – Traditionally it is thought that the Spring is the best time to sell the property as the property market tends to be the most active with potential buyers. Later into the season, the weather may improve including the amount of natural light each day which aids both photos of a property for marketing and the perception of space when potential buyers view in person or virtually. In addition, the warmer weather results in a spring bloom for those green-fingered vendors!

Potential buyers who are families requiring a school place would also be aware of the application dates ahead of the next academic year also.

  • Summer – The summer can be a mixed bag for the property market due to summer breaks for annual leave and bank holidays which can impact the legal side of the property transaction. For families with children requiring new schools, there would be a time pressure for the completion of the move to be before the new academic year in September and therefore it is recommended that a family-friendly property is listed as early as possible within the summer months.
  • Autumn – Autumn is traditionally another popular peak time to sell the property. There are no major holidays to impact the legal elements of the property transaction however there often isn’t the appetite to move over Christmas and therefore ideally aim to market your property as early as possible within the autumnal season.
  • Winter – Winter is often deemed the most unpopular time to sell the property. The gloomy days with minimal natural light do not flatter properties for marketing and viewings. Also, sometimes potential buyers are busy getting their finances in order after Christmas before they are ready to proceed with a new property purchase.

It is recommended that if possible, the marketing of property is delayed until the spring for the optimum selling season.

Developments within the Local Area

There may be developments that are planned within the local area that may increase the value of your property or the appeal of the area and therefore property demand. These could include new transport links or a newly built, modern school.

Should such developments be planned locally that could be of interest to potential buyers, ensure that the estate agent is aware and can include details within the marketing materials?

Ideally, it would be best to list a property for sale after the planning has been approved for such developments, but before any construction (and any disruption) commences.

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Choosing an Estate Agent

Making the decision to sell a property can feel daunting however with the right support from a successful estate agent, the process can run smoothly. The agents will take the pressure off the vendors by professionally marketing the property, organising all of the viewings and acting as the main point of contact for all enquiries.

Estate Agents also already have registered potential buyers who have been vetted and are ready to proceed, and therefore the speed of the transaction can be prompt.

The support and professional experience are worth the fee!

Top Tips to Sell your Property Fast

Once you have decided to sell your property, follow these top tips that will aid a smooth and prompt sale.

  • Clean, tidy and declutter the property – Before marketing a property, it is highly recommended that a deep clean is undertaken and that all non-essential items are tided away or moved into storage. The result of these activities will set the best scene to be captured by the photography and/or filming team to create the best images of the property and will create plenty of space to entice potential buyers.
  • De-personalise the property – It is recommended that all personal items are temporarily removed from the property before marketing also. By removing personal items, the spaces are seen to be a blank canvas so that potential buyers can imagine their own personalised items in place.
  • Complete any outstanding DIY – Now is the time to undertake those odd jobs that have been stacking up such as oil a squeaking door, screw back that loose handle and touch up the paint. Where possible tone down any bold décor, ensuring that clean, neutral shades are selected. All of these small jobs will aid the overall image of the property and ensure that the property looks well maintained.
  • Invest in photography and filming for virtual viewings – Now that the property is primed ready for sale, the next step is to capture the property in the best light. An estate agent may provide a range of photography and filming options at differing prices, at which point it is important to consider the value of the images in the process of selling a property, to make a suitable choice.
  • Prepare for viewings – Ensure that the property is kept clean and tidy for potential buyers to view. It is important that positive first impressions are made by keeping the lawn maintained, the clutter kept to a minimum and that the property is kept tidy. There are also ways of encouraging good first impressions such as removing the pets from the property for viewings and setting the scene with fresh smells such as a spray of air fresher, fresh flowers, baking bread or brewing coffee.
  • Marketing strategy – In addition to priming the property for photography as mentioned, it is vital that the marketing materials are checked ahead of publishing. Also, ensure that an appropriate marketing strategy is discussed with the estate agent. If there is an urgency to sell, a premium listing may be worth considering on platforms such as Zoopla and Rightmove.


We have discussed a range of methods to make the process of selling a property as stress-free and as quickly as possible, however, the support from your estate agent will be the most important element within the process.

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